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Site Redesign Example:

by Linda Schenk, former Lead Creative Producer—UI,

Building a website is more than the look & feel. Any company wanting to build a new site or revamp an exisiting site should:

  • Take time to establish goals, based on business plans.

  • Evaluate who is using your site & why.

  • Consider ways for the site to help streamline business operations.

Cirquel Design will approach your project in this manner, and walk you through the steps to take your site to the next level.

This section shows the process and challenges involved with a major site redesign. was the 3rd leading online bookstore, bought by in 2001.

Goals of redesign:

  • Improve navigation & usability
  • Clarify corporate message
  • Remove redundant links
  • Separate Company & Computing Homepages
  • Create a "portal" homepage rather than a "catchall" homepage
  • Divide new homepage according to different sets of users & tasks

For a more in-depth description of the project:



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